AJITER is a non-profitable organization, created in 2003. It’s main goal is to promote the youngsters integration and active participation in their own communities.

The Youth Association of Terceira Island has become an important agent for the development of the youth in the Azores islands.

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TATICS is a company operating mainly in the sectors of education and training, communication, marketing, strategic planning, territorial promotion, change management and human resources management.

Our partner also has the know how and expertise in the field of new technologies and new media approaches, especially for the experimentation of new solution in the fields of education, marketing and communication.

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Apopsi Romania

APOPSI Business Group consists of an IT company, a consulting firm and vocational education training companies in Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Romania.

Innovative on both theoretical framework and practices and the commitment of quality assurance for products and services offered, the companies of the group are constantly evolving in an increasingly competitive and dynamic continuous development perspective

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The social enterprise aims to promote the integration into economic and social life in general and the social integration of youth and adults who belong to vulnerable groups, mainly via their promotion in the employment and through the provision of training, counselling and increase basic competences and skills.

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YES for Europe – The European Confederation of Young Entrepreneur

YES was launched in 1988 by seven national groups of entrepreneurs in order to face the challenges resulting from the ratification of the Single European Act in July 1987.
Their mission is to connect young entrepreneurs in Europe, supporting them for better and easier access to capital and to markets. Moreover, they’re working for boosting entrepreneurial culture in Europe, improving entrepreneurial education and modernizing the legal framework for entrepreneurship.

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